Comprehensive Guide to Domino’s Hours: Detailed breakdown and essential information


We’re glad you’ve dropped by our comprehensive guide to Domino’s hours. Whenever you’re craving a hot, delicious pizza, Domino’s is often a go-to choice. They’ve made their mark on the culinary landscape, cementing themselves as a fast, reliable, and convenient option for pizza lovers worldwide. But, understanding their operational hours is crucial to avoid disappointment, that’s why we’ve put together this extensive guide. We’ll delve into their working hours during weekdays, weekends and holidays, and provide insider tips to help you make the most out of your Domino’s experience.

General Domino’s Operating Hours

Typically, Domino’s stores are open seven days a week. Starting from 10 am, they serve until midnight on weekdays. However, hours can vary between locations. Some outlets stay open until 1 am or even 2 am, especially in busy urban areas or on weekends. It’s always a good idea to check your local Domino’s store hours online before making a plan.

Domino’s Weekday Hours

Domino’s traditional weekday service usually commences at 10 am. For lunchtime pizza lovers, this means being able to procure your favorite tasty slices even before the conventional lunch hours.

  • Early morning pizza craving: Are you an early riser looking to kickstart your day with a tangy bite of Margherita? Good news! Some Domino’s restaurants start their service as early as 9 am. Always check ahead with your local store.

  • Late-night pizza lovers: Your craving for a hot, savory pizza doesn’t have to subside once the clock strikes ten. Many Domino’s branches remain open till 1 am. Some 24-hour Domino’s locations cater to your late-night pizza cravings, but these are generally limited to major cities.

Domino’s Weekend Hours

Weekend pizzas have a charm of their own. Be it a late-night party with friends or a lazy Sunday lunch, Domino’s understands your weekend pizza needs. Read on below to understand how Domino’s operates over the weekend.

  • Extended operating hours: Domino’s often extends its operating hours during weekends, especially in bustling urban locations. Many outlets remain open until 2 am to accommodate late-night eaters.

  • Sunday pizza plan: Whether you’re looking to plan a brunch with pizza or a hearty dinner, Domino’s operates at regular hours on Sunday, and you can order your favorite pizza from 10 am to midnight.

Domino’s Holiday Hours

Apart from characteristic weekdays and weekends, let’s shine a light on Domino’s operating hours during holidays.

  • Regular holidays:
    Throughout most public holidays, Domino’s maintains normal operational hours. So, if it’s a holiday, but you’re in no mood to cook, Domino’s has you covered.

  • Exceptional holidays:
    There are a few exceptions, though, mainly Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter Sunday, when Domino’s may alter their opening hours or remain closed. It’s advisable to double-check the visiting hours with your local Domino’s store during these holidays.

Online Ordering and Delivery Hours

In this digital age, ordering pizza has become as easy as a few clicks or a couple of taps on your mobile device. Domino’s recognizes this and offers extended hours for online ordering and delivery in many locations.

  • Revolutionizing with Domino’s AnyWare: Domino’s has broadened the horizons of pizza delivery with their revolutionary AnyWare online ordering. You can conveniently order from their vast menu no matter where you are – home, park, or office.

  • Understanding Delivery Hours: Though online ordering is available round the clock, delivery hours often coincide with the store hours. Some outlets, however, offer late-night delivery till 3 am.


A piping hot pizza from Domino’s can be a delightful treat at any hour of the day. But knowing the operating hours can impressively enhance your Domino’s experience. While the hours typically range, in general, from 10 am to midnight, make sure to verify this information with your local store to avoid any inconvenience. Happy pizza ordering!

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